Chiefs Exclusive Rights Free Agents

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Exclusive-rights free agents, or ERFA’s, are similar to the RFA’s we previously covered here, but with two or fewer seasons of service time and the player has no negotiating rights with other teams. Essentially, they must either sign the tender worth league minimum salary or sit out the season. Tough cookies bro.

Now, a quick glance at league minimum salaries, dependent on years of service, for 2019. For us normal folk, tough cookies apparently aren’t that tough at all.


Now lets take a look at the Exclusive Rights Free Agents for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Marcus KempWR241
Alex EllisTE261
Justin HamiltonDT262
Harrison ButkerK242
Daniel RossDT262

Seems like there isn’t a whole lot to think about on this one for Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach. You tender Marcus Kemp for $570k, Hamilton and Butker for $645k and that’s the end of the story for this year. Sure, its entirely possible Veach might go Good-Cop on us and give Butker a long term extension, but at the end of the day he’s a kicker. You give him the ERFA tender this year, and decide whether to tender him as a RFA or sign him long term next year, hopefully after seeing his accuracy return to rookie season form.

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