AAF Starts Off With A Bang!

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There were two games to start this season for the new league.  The first that was viewed by most of us here on Arrowhead Guys was the San Diego vs San Antonio game which was more of a defensive battle and two offenses that looked inept for most of the night.  The other game was Atlanta vs Orlando.  That game seemed to be, judging by the score a complete dismantling of Atlanta with a score of Orlando 40 – Atlanta 6.

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You can find the entire schedule for upcoming games here.  There seems to be a pretty big NFL involvement in the AAF.  After this opening round of games, the week two through the final week ten game will feature two games per week on the NFL network.  All of them in primetime.

The league will consist of eight teams in two conferences.  The Western Conference will Feature Arizona, Salt Lake, San Antonio, and San Diego.  I know many of you are asking why would a football team want to even be in San Diego when a team like the Chargers couldn’t draw a big crowd.  My guess is that there was already a stadium there that wasn’t being used.

The Eastern Conference will feature Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, and Orlando.  Early returns are saying that Orlando is currently the big brother in that conference.  We shall see how that plays out as the season goes on. The Semifinal games for this inaugural season will be played on April 20, and April 21 with the Championship game being played on Saturday April 27.

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