Ford Looks to Cash In

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This morning Pro Football Focus detailed who they anticipate to be the 10 highest paid free agents this offseason. Coming in at #3 is the Kansas City Chiefs very own offsides penalty Dee Ford. PFF had the following to say about Ford’s earning potential:

“Given Ford’s career arc, he will be a prime candidate for the franchise tag. That number could be difficult to carry for the Chiefs, who will have around $32 million in cap room if Kansas City wants to be active in free agency. That could help get a deal done earlier in the process. A difficulty for Kansas City is that prior franchise tag players (Justin Houston and Eric Berry) scored big contracts when tagged. Though they had different front office personnel at the time, their valuations last seasons for Sammy Watkins and Anthony Hitchens should have Ford asking for a lot.”

Projection: Five years, $95 million, $55 million GTD

Perhaps I’ll contact PFF and let them know this is in fact the very same front office personnel that penned the Watkins and Hitchens contracts, but the point still stands that Veach gave Ford (and Tyreek Hill) a substantial amount of leverage the moment he made Watkins and Hitchens among the highest paid at their positions. Personally I hope the Chiefs can retain Ford long term, but at that price its not going to happen without restructuring some other contracts, namely Justin Houston’s. If the Chiefs have any concerns about paying Ford, they can still Franchise Tag him and let him play out this season however doing so may lead to the Chiefs having to pay him an even larger contract if he has the proverbial Chiefs Contract Career Year.

If you are sitting in Brett Veach’s chair, what would be your move in regards to Ford?