Patrick Mahomes Ranked 3rd on PFF’s WTF List.

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Yesterday we reported that six members of the Kansas City Chiefs had been ranked between 11 and 101 on PFF’s Top 101 players of 2018 list. With MVP Patrick Mahomes yet to be named, it was safe to assume he’d land in the Top 10. But where might surprise you.

Third might not sound too bad for the NFL’s reigning MVP, assuming someone well deserving bumped him out of the top two spots. At #1 PFF has Aaron Donald, and to be quite frank, while I disagree its not something I can really complain about, there is definitely some merit to Donald taking the 1 Spot. But at 2, who could possibly be worthy? Apparently De’Andre Hopkins. I am disappoint. There are no words for my…oh wait, yes there are: