Friday Night at the Movies w/ Adam and Dan

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Good Morning Arrowhead Guys and Gals. I wanted to take a few minutes and discuss with you something that I’m pretty excited to share. Dan and I were mulling over off season projects one day, or maybe it was one night… I can’t quite remember now. Anyways, a controversial topic popped up.
Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? I mean… it is, right? Well after some tense in-depth discussion, mild name calling, and general tomfoolery not only did we come up with an answer to this age old question but lo and behold we had our first off season project figured out.

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 Adam is correct, Die Hard is clearly a Christmas movie, and whoever says otherwise needs to watch it until they come to the same conclusion! …sorry, I tend to get a little upset when topics of controversy come up, especially when they contain Bruce Willis. But seriously, this idea came about one night after lamenting the Chiefs loss to the Pats, possibly some adult beverages were involved. But nonetheless, we started talking about movies, Die Hard came up, and Friday Night at the Movies was born.

So now that you all know the backstory, here’s the plan.
Dan and I are going to give you our weekly movie picks.
Now, we need you to be gentle with your remarks and reviews. These are our hand picked personal treasures that we value above pretty much anything else. Dan and I only want the best for you, the viewing audience. Additionally, we will give you the upcoming Movies list as well as a our recommendation on what to see in the Theatres. <— You don’t like the way I spell theatre Dan, well too bad!
Since the the upcoming holiday is one that fills our hearts with love, we give to you our picks for Romantic Comedies (RomComs). Grab your significant other, some vintage Crystal Pepsi and enjoy the show.




Alright everyone, even though Adam spells “Theaters” wrong, we are going to start with our picks of the week. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up we are going to recommend our favorite, wait for it, RomComs. As if you couldn’t see that coming. I’m not the biggest fan of Ashton Kutcher’s, mostly just liked him in ‘That 70s Show’, but the movie No Strings Attached is a good one. He stars alongside Natalie Portman as she looks for someone to have casual sex with whenever she wants to; she’s on a doctor’s schedule and doesn’t want to worry about feelings. As you can probably guess, that’s not going to go exactly as she wants. But it’s full of great laughs, cute moments, lots of familiar faces, and of course sex. Honestly though, it’s a really good movie and worth a watch. And it has Natalie Portman, I mean, come on.




We’ve all been guilty of enjoying at least one Adam Sandler movie in our lives, right? And if I’m being honest with myself, I really do enjoy Sandler playing a shmuck in lots of movies, this one is no different. Well you can now add, 50 First Dates, to your list. 
 I think both men and women can enjoy this tale between Lucy ( Drew Barrymore ) and Henry Roth (Sandler). As the story unfolds you figure out Lucy suffers from short term memory loss. Because of Lucy’s condition, Henry has to win her heart over and over again. The story line is a bit silly but the chemistry between these two actors is fantastic.  Rob Schneider  provides some comic relief as Ula the surf instructor and there’s even cute animals that help along the way.  If you haven’t seen it before, or even if you have, dust off the VHS player and pop this one in. Its definitely worth your time.

Now that we have given you our picks, you should probably go and watch them as soon as possible. But if you are looking into what’s going to be coming out this weekend, the following link will help you with that. Come on back next week for our next picks and feel free to tell us what your favorite RomComs are in the comments! Have a great Friday!