Wolf Radio Wednesdays

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Editor’s Note: We’re starting to roll out the offseason off-topic threads. Feedback is welcome.

Friend of the show Wolf (AKA Ups for those not keeping up) does a blues radio broadcast every Wednesday at 8am Arrowhead Guys time. Those of you early birds can catch him live by clicking here. For those of you late to the party, never fear, AG is here! Catch up on the times with a previous broadcast here and remember, drop your favorite blues tune in the comments and maybe Wolf will get it in his next broadcast.

But the beauty of being an Arrowhead Guy is we pretty much do whatever we want. That means we don’t have to stick to blues, or any music genre really.

Today’s Youtube Music Challenge:

Everyone has favorite musicians and bands. In fact, its hard to even be able to say who my favorite 10 are…let alone who would be my #1. But it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were easy. So here it is. Find a song that is the result of a collaboration between two of your favorite artists. As always, I’ll lead the charge. I bring you Tommy the Cat by Primus, with Tom Waits providing the vocals of Tommy the Cat. I’m not sure I could find a collaboration with any two other artists that I like more than these, collectively.

Bonus: Just because I can, now here is a Tom Waits song featuring Primus as the accom…ah-ah-comp…accompan…ah the guitar player.

Alright Arrowhead Guys, time to scour the depths of Youtube and post the best collaboration of your favorites in the comments.