Morning Huddle – How About We Just Don’t Give Up Home Games?

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Chiefs news for 5 February 2019

Could the Chiefs play a game in St. Louis? KC city councilman says idea makes sense | KMBC

Would the Kansas City Chiefs be better off playing a football game in St. Louis as opposed to playing at an international venue? A Kansas City, Missouri City Councilman thinks so.

Some Chiefs fans frustrated with Tony Gonzalez after TE says Falcons ‘made my career’ | Fox4KC

In the video, he said his interview on Saturday had been just for Falcons fans. Sunday’s video was for his Chiefs fans. “Kansas City Chief fans, I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, thank you. The 12 years I spent there were fantastic. I always tell people I became a man, obviously, on the field but off the field as well out in Kansas City. The fan support I had out there was second to none. It’s diehards.”

Jeff Allen smacked down Skip Bayless on Twitter after Patrick Mahomes won MVP award | KC Star

It’s entirely possible that Skip Bayless doesn’t understand how the Associated Press voters choose the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. That’s unlikely, of course. Bayless, who is on Fox Sports’ “Undisputed,” appears to enjoy being a contrarian.

Where do the Chiefs Rank in ESPN’s “Way-Too-Early Power Rankings” for 2019? | The Mothership

It’s for those reasons that ESPN has the Chiefs as the top squad in the AFC and the No. 2 team in the NFL in their “Way-Too-Early Power Rankings” for the 2019 campaign, trailing only the Los Angeles Rams.

How The Kansas City Chiefs Are Approaching Free Agency And The Rest Of The NFL Off-Season | Forbes

Ford is an unrestricted free agent and will get a new contract likely worth more than $15 million a season. Steve Spagnuolo, who has replaced Sutton, is a 4-3 adherent who will move away from Sutton’s 3-4, but Ford has the type of talent that fits anywhere. Keeping Ford is a top offseason priority.

Kansas City Chiefs: Four options for Dee Ford this offseason | KC Kingdom

However, tagging and waiting is the most likely outcome for Ford and the Chiefs. The Chiefs would apply the Franchise Tag to Ford, pay him between $15-16 million for 2019, see how he does under Spagnuolo, and pass the buck to next season. He could have a monster year, making his price skyrocket, or he could prove he’s just not cut out for this style of defense. Regardless, the Chiefs would find themselves right back in the spot in which they find themselves today: trying to figure out what to do with their inconsistently talented pass-rusher.

2020 Super Bowl odds: Chiefs emerge as favorites; Patriots, Saints, Rams not far behind | CBS Sports

The team with the best odds to win it all next year are the Chiefs, who lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. Behind the Chiefs are the Patriots, Rams and Saints — the other championship game participants.

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