The Return of BBQ’n’A: Teaser Video

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Pit Master Tony brings back his BBQ’n’A series, with co-host Adam, as exclusive Arrowhead Guys content for 2019. At AG, we don’t just cover the Chiefs, we cover everything Chiefs fans love, and BBQ is at the top of that list. And we would know; we’re actually Chiefs fans.

The goal of BBQ’n’A is to provide all the information required for someone who has never cooked BBQ before to be able to make education decisions in acquiring the necessary gear, choosing a smoker, managing your pit’s fire, and preparing/smoking mouth watering BBQ to serve at your next gathering. No detail is too small for BBQ’n’A; we guarantee if you follow our guidelines you will smoke an amazing brisket on your first attempt. The brisket is well known as the most difficult and intimidating cut of meat to prepare and cook correctly. It is also the most expensive, causing many inexperienced BBQ enthusiast to perpetually avoid smoking their first whole brisket. We aim to change that. As soon as you bite into your perfectly cooked first brisket you’ll be asking yourself why Tony didn’t start a website sooner. With any luck, we may get a few of you inspired to get out there and join us on the competition BBQ circuit.

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If you have questions you would like answered in an upcoming BBQ’n’A video, include them in the comments below.