Emmitt Thomas Momentarily Disappears

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Emmitt Thomas, former Chiefs DB and possibly up until today Defensive Backs coach for the Kansas City Chiefs may be out as an assistant. Par for the course, the Chiefs have released no statement regarding his retirement or termination, but he was removed from the Chiefs Website for most of Thursday before stealthily being added back to the list of coaches. Has Thomas joined former assistants Mike Smith and Mark DeLeone in being unceremoniously departed from the Chiefs after the team announced publicly the firing of Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton? Or are the rumors circulating Twitter true that he plans to retire, and some intern accidentally removed him from the site before he was able to make his retirement announcement? The second scenario seems more likely, as Emmitt Thomas is a Hall of Fame player and cornerstone in the Chiefs community. If any assistant coach is allowed to go out on his own terms, it’d be Thomas.

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