Anticipation: A Fanpost

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A Fanpost by stjoechief:

As the pain of the AFC Championship Game starts to fade it is becoming clearer and clearer just how special the Chiefs’ 2018 season has been.  Yes, pretty much all of us were confident the Chiefs were going to their first Super Bowl in 49 years.  No, that isn’t happening.  But what an incredible ride it’s been.  It’s the roller coaster when you’re ten years old:  you get off and jump right back in line to do it again. 

Before the 2017 season—now ancient history written in hieroglyphics—I told everyone around me that my criterion for a successful season was a trip to the AFC Championship Game.  Yeah, that didn’t happen either.  Then the Chiefs fleeced the Washington Name Redacted’s (sorry, but there is one NFL team name that really is a racial epithet and I can’t bring myself to type it; feel free to disagree) in a trade for Alex Smith.  That left Patrick Mahomes, whom I had hoped and prayed the Chiefs would trade up to draft, as the unquestioned starter.  Going into the season I, like everyone else, tempered my expectations.  First year starter, horrific opening schedule, Bob Sutton still the defensive coordinator.  I figured 10-6 and a Wild Card berth would be doing well.  Then Mahomes happened.  Holy smokes, what a talent.  In Week 5, the Chiefs destroyed the supposedly tough Jacksonville Jaguars 30-14 with Mahomes having a “bad game” and went on to 5-0.  I, like many others, started thinking the Super Bowl was a realistic goal.  It was.  It just didn’t come to fruition; this time.

Now meaningful football is over for the 2018 season.  The Patriots going to yet another Super Bowl is the entertainment equivalent of a bowl of Cream o’ Wheat for everyone outside New England.  They’ve been there so many times it’s even boring to root against them.  And the Rams?  Sure, they’re kind of exciting but does anyone really care about them?  They’re based in LA, for crying out loud.  No matter how much the Shield wants to build that market, LA is not the home of passionate football fans.  So there won’t be any meaningful NFL games for over seven months.  But I want to get back on that roller coaster.

I want to see how much better Patrick Mahomes is with a full season of reading NFL defenses.  I want to see more 60 yard bombs from Mahomes to Tyreek Hill.  I want to see if Steve Spagnuolo can improve the defense by 26 total points over the course of the season, because that’s the difference between the 2018 Chiefs and an undefeated season.  I want to see more 60 yard bombs from Mahomes to Tyreek Hill.  I want to see if Kelvin Benjamin can be made into a serviceable tight end.  And did I mention I want to see more 60 yard bombs from Mahomes to Tyreek Hill?  Hell, this line sure is long. I’m sure there will be news about contract extensions and roster moves throughout February.  Then comes free agency, then the draft.  By then Spring will be on our doorsteps and there will be other things to occupy our time.  I’m looking forward to some awesome barbecue articles.  But this is going to be the longest offseason of my life.  Because I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our Chiefs.  Until September we’re left with this: 

Editor’s Note: Yes, I realize that we must now all begrudgingly love Hunt’s Ketchup, but for the sake of continuity, lets just ignore the brand and focus on the ketchup. Oh, and the message.