Fault: A Fanpost

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A Fanpost by flchiefs:

It’s Bob Sutton’s fault.  It’s Brett Veach’s fault.  It’s Andy Reid’s fault.  It’s Dee Ford’s fault.  It’s the offense in the 1st half.  It’s the defense all game/season.  It’s my fault for not publicly picking the Pats ( thus applying the kiss of death) or for watching any part of the game when I normally can’t (for the record, it was the first 7 ½ minutes before my youngest daughter came in and wanted to watch Cartoon Network).

I’m not the film review guy.  I’m not the X and O guy – those articles are coming and I can’t wait because I’d like to know what the trained eye saw and to finally understand WHY we lost).  I’m just a fan of a really good football team that had a historic season and shows so much promise for the years to come.  The future looks so good, if we can just get past the sucker punch to the gut we received last night.

It is doubtful that anyone here in AG are questioning the heart of this team.  We all have our opinions and, as a very intelligent and committed community, we express it, debate it and defend it passionately.  I’m not going to call out anyone for an opinion I don’t agree with, at least not at this point.  The pain from last night’s loss hasn’t quite left yet so even the slightest conflicting viewpoint might feel personal. 

Here’s what I do know.  There was a lunar eclipse last night which I witnessed with my two daughters in arctic conditions (OK, it was like 49 degrees at 10:40pm last night, but it’s arctic to me being 10 years living in FL).  The sun came up this morning and I realized just how much more my family, including all my AG family, means to me.  I will defend my team and my family and my AG family, even if we have differing opinions.

So, let’s fire Bob Sutton…or fire Andy Reid…or fire Brett Veach…or dump Dee Ford (or teach him where the line of scrimmage is)…or force those with superstitions to keep doing what they had been doing.  Mostly, let’s heal as each of us knows how to – it’s ok to call me names, I get it because this sucks – , reflect on a fantastic season and get ready for the offseason filled with 263 versions of mock drafts, the debate over who we should draft, the outrage over who we do draft and the excitement of OTA’s, mini-camps and training camp.

Time’s yours.