Andy Reid Thinks Hyped Fans “Is a Beautiful Thing”

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So lets get hyped.

Its Tuesday. One day closer to Chiefs footballs. But the game is Saturday, not Sunday…so does that mean its really two days closer? Whoa, I think I’m starting to get a hang of this time travel thing.

I’m starting to get hyped up now that Monday is over. Who else is in the mood to get hyped? Lets roll.

Did I mention I like Redbull?

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you mean Red Walrus


I think most of us are tilting between panic attack, and stroke status. Hyped isn’t enough to describe the feeling. What I would love to see is Jones wrecking the middle or at least forcing a double team eating up blockers allowing guys to attack their tackles on an island and getting home a few times. I would love for KC to hold Colts to 85 yards rushing, and to end game with 5 sacks 1 FF returned for TD and 1 int returned for a quick score. Resulting in a score of 42 to 13.

What I expect 30 to 21 KC win. Defense doesn’t play great but does enough, and I do believe they make Luck move off his spot more than what he wants this game getting off the field more and allowing KC to run the ball more than everyone expects. This will be a game defense guys like Houston, and Berry acknowledge this is there last real shot at a title and really play out of their minds. Houston will treat Indy O line like he does Denver, and have one of the better games he has all season. Ford, and supporting cast will do their part. I think Berry plays down in the box more and really takes on colts TE, and makes some great run stopping plays as well.

All of that said our surprised defensive MVP this game? Sorenson

I think Danny Boy gets his hands on another one and returns it to the house once more.


I think Houston and hitch need to come out with some fire. If they play the way the did vs Oakland this defense will do enough to win the game. Luck has 15 picks in 16 regular season games. Almost one a game, he’ll give one up Saturday.

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

I’m pretty confident this go round. I think it will take 30 to win and feel like Andy and MVPat have closer to 40 in their basket of ass whooping they will pass out on Saturday.


I’m so hyped. I want the Chiefs to come out and DESTROY the Colts. I want the Chiefs to embarrass them, the way the Broncos were embarrassed when Tebow was their QB at New England. I want to see them walking out in shame, like we did with Cassel against the Ravens.

Remember, their drunk ass, pill head owner and their Captain Caveman QB beat us after we were ahead by 28. No lead is safe. Score 21 every quarter. Beat them 84-7. Get roughing the passer penalties. Get flagged for knocking out TY Hilton. Make Hilton wish he was in the hotel business instead. Pretend the Colts are a bunch of brown recluse spiders you found in your kid’s bedroom. OBLITERATE THEM!!!


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I’m going to the game Saturday. It’s only Tuesday and the game is about the only thing I can think of. I have a strong feeling pat’s putting up at least 35 and it’s hard not to be hyped knowing you have a quarterback that can do that. I think the colts are a bit of a paper tiger that have beat up on some bad teams. They remind me of the 2015 chiefs that started 1-5, ran the table, and blew out the Texans in the first round. That team then ran into a real team in the patriots and were held at arms length all game. It’s time to see how the colts look vs a legitimate team. I think this is a situation where the colts can’t beat the chiefs, only the chiefs can beat the chiefs. I just think this team is different with Patrick Mahomes at quarterback and I think the defense is going to make some big plays at home with the crowd going crazy. This is for a chance to play in the AFC Championship game. Arrowhead will be at it’s best on Saturday!