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A Fanpost by SPI Chief:

Aggression.  It’s a dirty word right?  But is it really in the context of a football game?  I think not and will lay out my reasoning below.  Let me introduce myself please…I am SPI Chief, a long-time lurker at the “other” site and full time supporter of AG.  The conversations, back and forth, the relationships and arguments were epic where I grew up digitally with the Chiefs even though I didn’t really join in.  As an older fan, from the 70’s, this internet age is a brave new world.  I am hesitant and hopeful that the best will come out in all of us and I see that has now been brought here to AG.  I fully support this new site and hope that my little piece helps.  That is what we, as fans, want.  A place to celebrate, cry, discuss and argue all things Chiefs.  But it is more than that, it is a home for all of us to create a community of people who share our personal ups and downs with the knowledge that we can find support within our digital community.  We all need that every once in a while, and now…on to the discussion.

I am here to argue FOR aggression.  I will admit that football coaches, analysts, talking heads, and pundits probably could quote me all kinds of reasons that I am wrong.  You shouldn’t go for it on 4th down, you should run the ball to keep the clock running, take the FG they will say.  Play it smart they will say, you don’t want to lose the game on that risk they will say.  I give you the modern era of the NFL.  When we drafted Eric Berry in 2010, along with Javier Arenas and Kendrick Lewis I said yeah…OK…we have to be ahead of the curve on defending the pass.  We drafted a 1st round WR in Baldwin the next year.  I thought…OK…the league wants to highlight passing, and has for a while, so why not have a stud at WR to press our opponents D?  That was also the year we drafted Fiddy Sack, so a receiver and pass rusher, nice.  The players didn’t all work out, except for EFB and Houston, but the idea was still sound.   The passing game is the modern NFL, and as the years have passed the rules have even pushed it farther.  I didn’t think it would go this far in favor of the offense but it did.  I believe that we are set up in a very good position at least on offense, personnel wise, but we need to take that next step.  That is the step to outright aggression.  A wholly new philosophy towards the NFL and it’s paradigms.

First of all let’s address the defense…it is not good.  Not in any sense except for the pass rush.  We need better CB’s and ILB’s but this is where my argument for aggression begins.  If we all know, and every other NFL team knows, that our defense is suspect then we need to find a way to turn our weakness into an advantage.  I am calling for a complete shift from the prevent defense that we played in the final 5 minutes of this most recent game.  I am calling for blitzes on most downs, put Big Chris, Houston, and Ford to work.  Put our safeties to work, our cornerbacks, DOD with his speed blitzing almost every down.  What is the worst that could happen?  We give up a TD and give the ball back to Mahomes too soon?  What, who, when?!?!  Who WOULDN’T want that?  We are all assuming our defense is giving up points anyway right?  Let’s make them pay for those points…with QB sacks, hits, hurries, and maybe cause a turnover or three.  We all know Phyllis was lucky in that game, he has proven that the last 5 years.  But, yet, we play prevent and let him carve us up in the final 5 minutes?  Ridiculous!

And as far as our offense let me start with this.  Aggression will win us games where modern wisdom, which Reid follows, has let us down.  He has always been an excellent coach even given his clock management issues at times.  However, when we are up 7 pts. with 3:30 remaining we need to be aggressive.  Every single person in America, Chiefs fans, Los Diego fans, NFL fans, casual viewers, all knew the same thing….we were gonna run it on 1st down.  What happened?  Ahh yeah a stuff, a pass for a few and then a sack.  Time to punt.  And while I love DC2 as much as anybody…we can’t give them the ball back.  What I am calling for is aggression.  We have the best QB in the league!  Don’t fade from the opportunity just because that is what conventional wisdom tells you.  Pass on first down.  We, as injured as we were in this game, still had Kelce, Hill, DRob, or the Williams bro’s to throw it to.  Ohh and who else, that’s right, Patrick Mahomes pulling the trigger.  Make them defend AGGRESSION on 1st down when everyone in the world is expecting run.  We get a first down and that ices it.  That is how games are won.  It is a different age for us old Chiefs fans, we have never had this excellence at QB, and it calls for a new perspective on the game.  In the good old days we could run it with Podolak or Delaney, Okoye, or Allen, Priest or Charles.  Even more recently with Hunt, but those days have been replaced because of the changes in the NFL.  These changes call for a new outlook, a new plan, a new perspective.  I say that perspective is aggression…what say you?

I argue that now is the time, and Kansas City is the place, to fully embrace aggression on both sides of the ball.  If we are to win a Superb Owl we need to do something outside the box.  I would advise this for our first playoff game, no more by the book calls or playing it safe…even when we have the lead.  More trick plays, going for it on 4th with a hurry up offense, blitz blitz blitz, fake field goal anyone?  Just when they think we are passing every down we run it, keep the other team off balance and use our strengths and our weaknesses to our advantage.  At our best the defense is putting pressure on the QB every down racking up 3 and out’s and our offense is converting every 4th down into touchdowns.  At the worst our defense is giving the ball back to Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid with a killer, go for it attitude on every single play.  You wanna hang with us?  We bringing EVERYTHING…EVERY DOWN!  GOOD LUCK!