Cloudy with a Chance of the #1 Seed

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A fanpost by Goddard Bolt:

Hello fellow Chiefs fans. Tough loss this week. And while I’m usually a half glass empty kind of guy I’m here to spread the word of good news on this day. That news is that there is still a great chance for the Chiefs to get the #1 seed WITHOUT winning a tough game in Seattle next week. That’s right, we can lose that game and still enter the playoffs with a bye and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Yes, it requires some help in the form of two steps but let’s get down to it so we know who we are rooting for the next few weeks.

Step 1 – The Patriots lose to the Steelers this week. The Steelers are in a free fall. They already have 5 losses and are only 1 game up on Baltimore for the division. And worse yet, they play the Saints in New Orleans next week. This is desperation time for the Steelers and they need this home win against a team that has had their number for years. While you can never count out the Patriots with Brady and Belichick, I like the Steelers chance to pull off the win.

Step 2 – The Chargers lose to the Ravens next week.This one might be a little more difficult then Step 1 but still not impossible. We all saw how the Ravens played in KC last week. That defense looked legit against arguably the best offense in the league. Not to mention, the Ravens still need to win games. They have 6 losses already and have a bunch of teams chasing them for the final wild card spot. They also have a very good shot at winning the AFC North division with the aforementioned Steelers upcoming schedule. Not impossible at all for them to go to LA and beat the Chargers. 

Now don’t get me wrong….I don’t want the Chiefs to lose in Seattle next week. We are all rooting for the good guys to bounce back and run the table from here on out. I’m just the half glass empty guy preparing for the worst case scenario. 

Thanks for hearing me out. You now know your rooting interests for the next two weeks for our #1 Seed contingency plan. I personally know rooting for the Steelers is rough for me but I’ll make an exception just this once.
Go Chiefs!

Oh, and if you’re worried about the Texans don’t. They can only jump the Chiefs if the Chiefs lose to Oakland week 17. I’m not that half glass empty.