A Day for Recovery

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Another great fanpost by flchiefsfan:

Anger.  Depression.  Sadness.  Common feelings following a loss.  Justification. Drinking.  Withdrawing.  Ways of coping following a loss. 

On a few occasions I’ve lamented being out of market for live Chiefs games or, in the case of games like Thursday night’s game, having screwed up priorities and spending quality time with my young daughters instead of watching the game. Thursday night was going to be different.  I would take care of parental duties, get the girls to bed and watch as much of the game as I could.  Life decided to toss that nasty cold at me, the one that seems to be plaguing everyone in one way or another. Instead, I got to see the Chiefs 2nd interception and then the final plays of the half before passing out.

Several times in the night symptoms of my cold awakened me and I fought the urge to check my cell phone for a final score.  A couple hours before my normal get up, the symptoms forced me into action.  Hot tea, a second round of meds, cough drops, you know, the stuff we all do to try to feel better.  Because I was already up and could not get back to sleep, I glanced at my phone.

A feeling came over me like when I was young kid, waking up on Christmas morning to find out that Santa didn’t leave me that drum set that looked so cool in the Sears catalogue.  Disappointment (though looking back on it, I understand why my parents went the route of a sturdy, QUIET Tonka truck).  One lousy point.  The Chiefs lost.  Man, this sucks.  I don’t know anything more than the score.  The feeling of disappointment prevents me from reading posts and comments from my friends here.  There’s really no comfort in this loss.

As I sat there in the early hours in the silence of a sleeping house, wallowing in my self-pity and sipping on my Lemon and Ginger tea, I suddenly had a grown up moment.  My girls will be waking up in a couple of hours and they’ll expect breakfast, their lunches and their note – their lunch is not complete without the note from dad; Mrs. flchiefsfan will be home from her overnight shift at the hospital expecting me to have the girls ready for her to take to school; my work will be expecting me – only I selfishly decided to keep my germs to myself today and stay home.   I also reflected on the sad news that Mrs. flchiefsfan lost an uncle earlier in the week and thought of her aunt.  Real life stuff, right?

Life for me still goes on.  The loss last night really stings because I care about my team.  I didn’t drop a pass, miss a tackle, shank a kick, forget to fill the Gatorade cups, nothing like that.  Other than not watching the game and failing to post “witty” comments in the game threads, I did very little to contribute to the loss, or possibly push the Chiefs to victory.  A loss still is disappointing though.

The Chiefs are still in a good place and still have a lot of control over their playoff future, though a win would have made things easier.  I’m in a good place too, surrounded by my family and my AG family.  I’m positive we’ll get through the sting from last night together, it will take some time. 

I’ll catch up on the AG postings later, when I’m feeling better and time has had chance to push away the disappointment.  My thoughts are with my AG family today as we get through the disappointment.  Have a good weekend everyone.